South Bay Rockies BASEBALL CLUB


For your convenience, you can now pay the monthly dues via autopay or a one time payment. This is only for the monthly fees, does not include the Club Registration Fee. The current monthly fees are $125 per month.

South Bay Rockies - Auto Pay - 2024

Monthly Auto Pay

Subtotal $125.00

Total due $125.00

Recurring amount $125.00 every 1 month

South Bay Rockies - One Time Payment

Collect credit card payments


For your convenience, you can now pay the club registration fee online. This is only the yearly $395 fee. Does not inlcude monthly tuition or any other fees.

South Bay Rockies - Yearly Registration Fee - 2024

Yearly Registration Fee

Subtotal $395.00

Total due $395.00

Registration Fee Includes ($395):

  • Jersey & Cap
  • Player Insurance
  • Team Organization

Monthly Fee Includes ($125):

  • Experienced Coaches
  • 2 Practices a Week
  • Non-Official Scrimmages
  • Team Equipment

Dues Policy
Monthly dues are due on the 1st of each month. Dues for players who joined the team in:

Cancelation and Refund Policy


Annual dues of $395 are due once per year on the 1st of the month in which your player joined the team.

Payment can be made via check, cash, or credit card via this website. All participants must register before payment will be accepted. Monthly and annual dues are nonrefundable.

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